Left To Right: Kate Brogden (TV Editor), Sergio Zaciu (Film Editor), Carter Moon (Podcasts Editor), Thomas Seraydarian (Editor-In-Chief), Ed Dutcher (Games Editor), and CJ Simonson (Music Editor)

Started in August of 2015 as Crossfader Magazine, Merry-Go-Round Magazine had its genesis in a cramped, sweaty Santa Ana apartment with six people sharing their pop culture opinions, mostly for the benefit of themselves. Three-years-and-change down the line, now featuring over 100 writers on the site in some form or another, we decided it was time for a rebrand and refocus to do it “for real” this time. Only time will tell what the future holds, but what we can promise is that Merry-Go-Round will always be independent and authentic. With support from readers like you, we can ensure that the opinions expressed come from nowhere but the heart, not motivated by anything other than a desire to reach people and spark conversation. What’s more, we like to pride ourselves on the variety of tastes and opinions on display. From the sappiest of Netflix Original rom-coms to the most alienating harsh noise, Merry-Go-Round strives to offer thoughtful, considerate, and holistic assessments of anything and everything. But perhaps most importantly, in an era of pull-quotes and “gotcha” headlines, Merry-Go-Round promises to never offer a hot take for the sake of temperature alone, hoping to create a respected and established voice in our small corner of the internet. Welcome to Merry-Go-Round Magazine, and we hope you enjoy your ride.

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