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Track Premiere: Gamblers’ “We’re Bound To Be Together”


Long Island natives Gamblers have emerged off the ferry and into the spotlight. Frontman Michael McManus, after collaborating with artists like Meek Mill, Heems, and even Anthony Bourdain (RIP), has pulled back the curtain into his galaxy brain. Gamblers have teased two singles off their debut album, SMALL WORLD: “Do I” and title track “Small World.” Where “Do I” juxtaposed a surf rock sound with a getting-back-to-homeostasis mentality, “Small World” detailed the pang of a confusing love that edged on funk. While the previous singles carried a world of weight, today Gamblers release “We’re Bound To Be Together,” a vintage daydream.

“We’re Bound To Be Together” is the kind of song you would make sure to Shazaam during PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, JUNO, or some kind of adjacent whimsical coming-of-age spectacle. There is a palpable pleasantness and frenetic ache to dance, mostly stemming from that heavy reverb and steady beat. McManus’ playful, early 2000s indie influence is obvious in a sound that practically screams lost OK GO track, but the production also finds the contemporary, feeling similar to Albert Hammond Jr.’s most recent work. Gamblers keep a brazen chorus lyrically simple with, “You and Me are bound to be together, forever / You and Me are bound to be together, forever / I can see it in your eyes that you’ve never had a love like this before.” In their simplicity, the lyrics are begging for the listener to dissolve all concern and dive headfirst down the rabbit hole.

The love that Gamblers is illustrating is not a detrimental all-or-nothing love. Instead it feels like an infatuation, a happy mystery that is irrefutable and, most importantly, fun. Gamblers have reminded us to trust our gut and that love is worth exploring, all with an inescapable rhythm. In these trying times, everybody should say thank you for reminding us to dance our little asses off.  Gamblers’ debut album SMALL WORLD is out on September 25th. Check out “We’re Bound To Be Together” below.

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