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Bandcamp Picks of the Week 11/15/17


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Bandcamp Picks of the Week, as large and in charge as ever

Bandcamp Picks of the Week Diane Coffee

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Genre: Indie Pop

Favorite Tracks: “Spring Breathes,” “Mayflower,” “Everyday”

Shaun Fleming, better known as Diane Coffee, has been making waves in the indie music scene since 2012. Born and raised in Southern California, Fleming was good childhood friends with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado and Sam France, spending many years touring as the drummer of Foxygen and ending up writing his debut, MY FRIEND FISH, while on the road with the band. 2015’s EVERYBODY’S A GOOD DOG, his most recent full-length release, was made with live performances in mind, one of Fleming’s strong suits. “Spring Breathes,” the opening track on the album, comes in with angelic vocals that the song continues to build upon in a winding and exciting way. It’s very obvious Fleming knows what he’s doing when it comes to song structure, arranging each track in a way that keeps the listener captivated. On the aforementioned track, “Spring Breathes,” the song begins in a slow, beautiful way and continually picks up, only to be completely knocked down again, reverting back to its tranquil style. “Everyday” is the quote unquote “banger” of the album, and showcases Fleming’s vocal range while also providing incredible grooves and rhythm that makes you just want to tap your foot. His versatile range coupled with his entrancing music and breathtaking live performances leave him well on his way to indie fame. Give it a listen here.

Bandcamp Picks of the Week Yellowbird

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Yellowbirds – THE COLOR

Genre: Chamber Folk, Neo-Psychedelia

Favorite Tracks: “The Rest Of My Life,” “In Our World,” “Wagner Max”

On THE COLOR, Yellowbirds establish themselves as a potluck of genres, including a comparatively unique approach to psychedelic indie-folk. Yellowbirds wear smorgasbord well and provide a timeless work with their 2011 debut, which houses various resonating songs. “The Rest Of My Life,” the album’s opener, begins with subdued organs accompanied by bells, twanging bass, and dynamic drums. The song has a Fleet Foxes feel to it but goes its own way lyrically and thematically, singing from an existential point of view (“Tryin’ hard not to think about anything”). “Wagner Max” is a dreamy, lackadaisical experience which is constantly drawing from a bank of different woodwind instruments to give it a patina comparable to 19th century Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. The song has no lyrics, so it is easy to find yourself floating down the nice, easy river it cultivates, with steady acoustic strumming serving as your raft. Everything about THE COLOR is unique and provides an incredible easy-listening experience. Check it out here.

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