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There is absolutely no doubt that if Shady Records gave Griselda the attention they properly deserved and launched a promotional campaign after their BET Award nomination for “Best Group,” they would have easily beat out Migos and won. And it’s definitely not insane to think that that win would have skyrocketed their chances to be on the Grammy fast-track. 

Shady Records’ failure to acknowledge the group’s potential more than likely played a role in Westside Gunn’s departure from the label with him telling Joe Budden that time there was “a great learning experience.” Though delayed, Conway’s feature-filled Shady debut GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES is still scheduled for release soon. But let us be frank: Griselda does not need Eminem or his label or even a Grammy for that matter. Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, and Benny the Butcher, in effectively turning the hip hop world on its head, are arguably already household names.

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What the Griselda brand carries with it is an unbeatable formula of impeccable work ethic. The group churns out stellar project after stellar project featuring the best production and features money can buy, and work with trusted producers who know what works best, turning an ear for classic boom bap and retro sample revitalization, unforgettable ad libs, and signature tags like “THE BUTCHER COMIN’” or the sexy “GRISELDA” whisper. That’s not to mention their unbridled confidence though still being god-fearing (“Praise both!”), a motherfucking fashion revolution, and BARS! BARS! BARS! On Conway’s newest, FROM KING TO A GOD (which recently got a deluxe version upgrade with additional tracks), DJ Shay describes being a longtime collaborator of Conway’s, saying “It’s like Christmas Eve every time / you know, the man gets ready to craft.” Later on the album, Conway’s verse on the original trio track “Spurs 3” cements the group’s place in the industry with “Ask the homie Wayno and ‘em, they’ll confess / Lotta albums are suddenly startin’ to feel a lil’ more Griselda-esque / Talk to Ebro, ask Sway in the Morning / About the impact of this movement, sure, they’ll say it’s enormous.” 

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Whether or not GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES or any future Griselda project win a Grammy (or any other award for that matter), the truth lies in the product itself. They have not only carved a name for themselves, but quite literally have changed the game. I cannot wait until I am on my deathbed and my cyborg grandchildren lean in close to hear that my last words are “Griselda…by Fashion Rebels.” 

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