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Crossfader is very excited to have been invited to cover Tropicalia 2017. Heres’s our rundown of the five acts we’re most excited to see 

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King Krule

King Krule is the artist that got me to notice Tropicalia. The latest singles from the self-proclaimed “generation’s best poet” have me at the edge of my seat waiting for his Friday the 13th sophomore album THE OOZ. As a first time King Krule concert attendee, I’m anticipating plenty of Tom Waits-esque wailing, dissonant no wave, and grimy ‘90s streetwear. Archy Marshall is one of my favorite artists of the generation and I’ve anticipated catching him live for a very long time. The opportunity to shoot one of my musical heroes is beyond exciting and already has Tropicalia at the top of my list of favorite festivals this year. [Ted Davis]

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Kali Uchis

Not only am I excited to see Kali Uchis because of her place in my heart as the best retro-R&B singer of the decade, she also graduated from my high school my freshman year. To top it off, Kali’s pink-tinged singalongs will complement the festival’s nautical setting absurdly well. Though I have no shot of topping her gorgeous music videos with my photography, being able to get shots of another TC Williams High School graduate play music I love live will definitely make for an awesome photo opp. [Ted Davis]

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Cosmo Pyke

19-year-old South East Londoner Cosmo Pyke is making waves in the London indie rock scene. His lackadaisical riffs, accompanied by relatable lyrics, are definitely working in his favor to make him one of my most anticipated acts at Tropicalia this year. He’s an artist who will be on par with the previously mentioned King Krule within the next couple of years. His background in modeling and fashion are another interesting aspect of this teenage wonder, which even led to him making an appearance in Frank Ocean’s “Nikes” video—a very high honor. [Emmett Garvey]

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Os Mutantes

When I saw the name Tropicalia I was stoked about the homage to one of my favorite Brazilian counterculture movements, but when I saw one of the genre’s hardest rocking bands on the bill, I knew I had to get my hands on a ticket. Os Mutantes debuted in 1968 with an excellent self-titled album of propulsive South American fuzz-rock. Until the Tropicalia lineup was released I honestly was not aware that they were still an active band, so seeing Os Mutantes perform while deep into my fifth all-you-can-eat taco will definitely make their set one of the best of the festival. [Ted Davis]

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Chicano Batman

Los Angeles’s very own Chicano Batman will be making an appearance at Tropicalia this year, which is definite cause for excitement. Chicano Batman’s sound is unique while perfectly embodying the city of LA. There have been many, many Los Angeles music scenes that have emerged and passed throughout the years, but somehow Chicano Batman feels more authentic than most. Their groovy rhythms and twangy guitars can hold the attention of crowds and listeners alike, and I have absolutely no doubt they will be a fan favorite at Tropicalia. [Emmett Garvey]

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