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Video Premiere: Onesie’s “What You Kill”


Onesie’s brooding guitar tone is both strikingly recognizable and, perhaps, distant feeling in the current rock landscape. Landing tonally somewhere in the Wolf Parade or Broken Social Scene pocket of twinkly, driving, anthemic songwriting, their latest single “What You Kill” feels like a unique blend of brash 2000s go-go arena rock. The Brooklyn power pop band’s latest is their first single from their third LP, LIMINAL HISS, out August 18th, 2023 on Totally Real Records, Pillow Sail Records, and Kool Kat Music. The track is a fuzzy, harrowing, and ultimately relentlessly catchy tune accompanied by a fascinatingly liminal music video, where the digital becomes unsettlingly pedestrian.  

“When it came time to bring this darker Onesie song to life, I DM-ed Turkish visual artist Yaka Ertugrual,” songwriter/guitarist/singer Ben Haberland says. “We started corresponding on the concept over a couple months. It’s ironic how our language and distance barrier was transcended by the very technology that can make us so miserable. His work really captures what I was feeling when I wrote the song.”

The cascading and repetitive guitar lick that closes out the track focuses in on our digital hero collapsing in a lush field, an appropriately relieving and striking visual for the close of the track. You can see the video for Onesie’s latest below:

You can follow Onesie over on Bandcamp here

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