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Video Premiere: Sleep Movies’ “5G DAYDRM”


Under the moniker Sleep Movies, Pittsburgh’s Skyler Brimmeier makes self described “space station bedroom pop.” Released this past July on the album MELT TRANSMISSION, “5G DAYDRM,” uses a compact, hip hop indebted beat to lay the framework for shimmering, acrylic synths and seared guitar sounds. Brimmeier’s hazy, fried vocals ride atop the laid back instrumental, bringing to mind early 2010s chillwave favorites like Small Black and Work Drugs. 

Now, all these months later, Sleep Movies presents a downright psychedelic music video for “5G DAYDRM.” It features Brimmeier singing and fiddling with gear while skeletons, dancing bears, and other surreal ephemera drift in and out of the background. The song dwells in the alluring grey area between hyperpop, shoegaze, and vaporwave, and the visuals only add to the track’s heady magic.

The video officially drops tomorrow, but you can check it out a day early below, courtesy of Crafted Sounds. Check out MELT TRANSMISSION over on Bandcamp

Ted Davis
Ted Davis is Music Editor of Merry-Go-Round Magazine, as well as a musician, and DJ from Virginia currently living in Northeast Los Angeles. He has put out work with the band Helanovela and on his own as DJ STEPDAD and Silk Gloves. He has performed with a number of artists including Dumbo Gets Mad and Blondie (long story).

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