Dime in the JQBX

Dime in the JQBX: Featuring EverythingNow!Show


Thanks for joining us and JQBXing some tunes during these trying times! Tonight we’re  encouraging folks to donate to The Tufenkian Foundation! A link can be found below:

The Tufenkian Foundation

We hope you’ll consider checking out EverythingNowShow tonight as well, an interactive, unique live art and comedy experience every Wednesday and Sunday at 8PM PST! Give them a follow on all the socials! 



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Join us every Friday for a delightful evening of music and fun guests! And give Merry-Go-Round Magazine a follow on the socials! Stay safe!

CJ Simonson
CJ Simonson is Merry-Go-Round's Editor-in-Chief and representative for all things Arizona. The only thing he knows for certain is that "I Can Feel The Fire" by Ronnie Wood is the greatest closing credits song never used in a Wes Anderson movie. Get on that, Wes.

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