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Track Premiere: Canopy Joc’s “2 Soft 4 Breaking Up”


As a longstanding member of the Atlanta underground music scene, Chandler Kelley is no stranger to electronic-indebted, fluorescent indie pop. Kelley’s latest single, “2 Soft 4 Breaking Up,” arrives under the moniker Canopy Joc, a solo project that pulls from diverse influences ranging from techno to turn-of-the-millennium rap music. 

Pitch-shifted vocals quiver above a bouncy, sequenced groove. Melodic tom-toms pulsate as fluid basses fill the background, evoking avant-pop favorites like Jai Paul and early Blood Orange. The track is an ode to experiences Chandler had working in the service industry and living in run-down Southern houses with bona fide hustlers, and the production can’t disguise its emotion.

Check out the futuristic video, directed by James Meyer, below, and be sure to add the track to your favorite chill-out playlist when it drops tomorrow on streaming services (5/28). 

Ted Davis
Ted Davis is Music Editor of Merry-Go-Round Magazine, as well as a musician, and DJ from Virginia currently living in Northeast Los Angeles. He has put out work with the band Helanovela and on his own as DJ STEPDAD and Silk Gloves. He has performed with a number of artists including Dumbo Gets Mad and Blondie (long story).

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