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Track Premiere: Daisy Abrams’ “Sail Away”


Daisy Abrams writes songs that are less entertaining than they are healing. Something about her music seems to forgive us for our sins. It might be the vulnerability in her lyrics—this notion isn’t revolutionary on its own, but the words are expressed through such simple poetry that the songs make for an emotional experience, especially on listen number four, five, and six. “Sail away darlin’, towards the horizon, I hope you find it.” There’s a strength there, amidst the gently coaxed riffs of her guitar, as Abrams sings in low tones about letting go of the one you love. “And as the wind changes, make the adjustments, full speed ahead.” Suddenly you’re on the beach, watching them go, with a vast and unpredictable ocean of a future ahead. And what else could you possibly want in a folk song, other than to feel a little sad, a little unsure and a little bit at peace with it all? “So I’ll tread these waters / and catch what comes toward me / and sink to the depths.” This is a song about staying put in our own stubborn decisions, reveling in the possibility of failure as much as success, because either way we were in charge of our own destiny throughout it all. 

From classical training in LA, to DIY house shows in Philly, to writing and performing simultaneously in the streets of Galway and back, Daisy Abrams has found a polished sound from the weathered quirks of varied coasts and cultures. “Sail Away” exhibits that depth, and it’s refreshing to hear amidst the pop of a free and vaccinated summer. We might assume the music of the moment would lean loud and angry, but underneath it all, a pretty folk song about sailing away might actually nail it. That, and Abrams herself, standing in the moment with a subtle star power shining soft but bright enough enough that I can’t seem to look away. 

You can check out the premiere of Daisy Abrams latest track, “Sail Away,” out 5/14, below.

Devyn McHugh
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