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Mr. Gorbachev, Saturdays are for the boys!!!

In this week’s offerings, Kevin and Aya welcome their very first guests on the show! At this point in recording and mixing a podcast during a global pandemic, there were some audio learning curves for all involved, so your good friends at Merry-Go-Round sweetly and solemnly ask you to be kind—just wait until you hear the episodes after this, the team smoothed out a lot of the technical issues you are likely to easily point out. On the plus side, these two episodes are some of the juiciest of the entire run!

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The Gang Discuss Blade Runner

In the first ever double feature episode, Aya and Kevin bring on their very first guest, gifted animator and MGRM writer, Jesse Herb, to tackle the entire BLADE RUNNER saga. Ah, BLADE RUNNER… BLADE RUNNER provokes such existential questions as “Can we minimize our female characters if we just call them robots?” and “What if we make Rutger Hauer the infinitely more interesting protagonist, but still follow Harrison Ford in his worst performance for the entire movie instead?” It’s on the AFI 100 (Jesus Christ) and launched a million sci-fi ships that stole wholesale from it, so then why is it so lame? Sure, when we were kids, BLADE RUNNER was always the sci-fi classic that we silently agreed was a little boring, but the older you get, the more it seems written and designed for children—to be a film that speaks about the conversation between man and machine while never quite grasping with the actual concept of distinguishing between man and machine. It presents ideas as if they were Jeopardy topics, but receives the acclaim of Alex Trebek’s mustache, I mean, what’s the deal? This upchucked spewing of heady concepts in 1982 is what benefits Denis Villeneuve’s BLADE RUNNER 2049, a long-awaited sequel that’s both top-tier fan-fiction and an invigorating exploration of everything Ridley Scott glossed over. Aya and Kevin found themselves enjoying 2049 so much that they even maybe kind of got Jess on board, too!

The Gang Discuss Mulhollond Drive

On this episode of AYA VS. THE BIG BOYS, the group tries to figure out why this beloved classic sucks so fucking hard, and why, conversely, BLADE RUNNER 2049 honks like a goddamn goose. Plus, they talk about how badly they want to suck Sylvia Hoeks’ co-

Besides MULHOLLAND DRIVE being the great puzzle box of bro cinema, the David Lynch film that is at once his most welcoming and fleeting, the great question at the helm of this Los Angeles classic is… Well… What is MULHOLLAND DRIVE? Is it leering lesbian sexploitation or a tragic trans-dimensional love story? A remake of Vidor’s GILDA or an elongated slideshow of passing influences? The cautionary tale of A STAR IS BORN or the vengeful celebration of sin that is SHOWGIRLS? If you’ve only ever listened to men drone on about David Lynch, we’re here with your antidote. Unfortunately, there is still a man present in this conversation of MULHOLLAND DRIVE with TWIN PEAKS expert & seamstress extraordinaire, Rachel Wood, but, baby, that’s the package deal (“You’re damn right it is” – Kevin Cookman). 

On this episode of AYA VS. THE BIG BOYS, the team took a joy ride down MULHOLLAND DRIVE, with observations on how film bros overcompensate in letting you know that they “understand” Lynch, the slim possibility of anyone ever truly understanding Lynch, and how badly they want to suck Billy Ray Cyrus’ co-

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