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Dime in the JQBX: Good Eye Records


Thanks for joining us and JQBXing some tunes during these trying times! Today we’re encouraging folks to spend some money on Bandcamp. Lots of labels and artists are donating portions of their proceeds to various charitable organizations or funds, including Good Eye Records, who we ware partnering with today. You can find a partial list of labels and artists participating here on Bandcamp’s website, and you can see a list of all of our Bandcamp Picks from the past several years here. Be sure to follow Good Eye Records on various social media platforms, which you can find below, and listen to their artists (here is a good primer if you want to become familiar with their sound).

Good Eye Records

Bandcamp | Website

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Digging what you’re seeing going on? Consider joining us next Friday for another installment of Dime In The JQBX, featuring more awesome artists!

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