MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE Episode 58: Making Art in the Time of Corona


While in many ways there are more important things to worry about right now than making art, it still feels like an especially precarious and scary time for artists. On this episode of MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE, Carter got a chance to talk to a number of independent artists about how they’ve been adapting in the face of a global pandemic.

You can check out Eric Toms on Twitter here and Night of Shorts here.

You can support Marty Lang’s Seed & Spark campaign here.

You can support Cathedral Bells here.

You can watch Chris Bell’s THE WIND THAT SCATTERS here.

Carter Moon
Carter Moon grew up raised on Star Wars and Toy Story: there was almost no way to avoid falling headfirst into a love for the art of filmmaking and screenwriting. Born to parents who insisted on well-reasoned dinner conversations, Carter was writing arguments defending his opinions from an early age. His critical affection for pop culture drives his writing and podcasts every week.

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