MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE Episode 59: Aya’s Friends vs. The Big Boys


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s been over a month since we launched AYA VS. THE BIG BOYS via our Patreon, so we thought we would release another episode for free to perk interest in the show! If you like what you hear, consider becoming a Patron at any level to keep up with episodes as they’re released.

This week’s episode is a break from the traditional format and features Aya’s friends who have shaped and influenced her taste over the years, and their personal favorite Big Boys.

Aya Lehman
Aya Lehman is Television Editor for Merry-Go-Round Magazine. As such she yells about MINDHUNTER on various social media platforms. Her passions include reading the writers of CRIMINAL MINDS for filth, the politics of the color pink, and Steve from STRANGER THINGS.

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