MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE Episode 46: From Indian Lakes/Queen of Jeans Interview


On this episode of MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE, our music editor CJ Simonson got a chance to interview Joey and Miri from the bands From Indian Lakes and Queen of Jeans, respectively. They talked longevity in a changing indie rock world and what it’s been like to collaborate together.

You can check out From Indian Lakes here.

You can check out Queen of Jeans here.

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CJ Simonson
CJ Simonson is Merry-Go-Round's Editor-in-Chief and representative for all things Arizona. The only thing he knows for certain is that "I Can Feel The Fire" by Ronnie Wood is the greatest closing credits song never used in a Wes Anderson movie. Get on that, Wes.

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