Trailer Trashed

TRAILER TRASHED Episode 48: Best of 2019


With slurred speech and beer goggles, Merry-Go-Round Magazine editors Kate Brogden and CJ Simonson get drunk in the name of marketing analysis, breaking down the latest trailers from the world of movies (and sometimes television and video games). Join them on their drunk quest to understand one of the great underrated 21st century art forms: the trailer.

We’re capping out 2019 with our drunkest episode in a good minute thanks to CJ’s unquenchable thirst for chaos and Kate’s unquenchable thirst for tequila! Careen into 2020 with us as we discuss the highs and lows of 2019’s film and TV trailers with a substantial amount of yelling about CATS, per usual.

Playlist of Best Trailers

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