MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE Episode 22: Dadabots Interview


AI is here and it’s coming for your music! Except, not really. On this episode of MERRY-GO-ROUNDTABLE, Carter got a chance to talk to Zack Zukowski, part of the duo behind the music generating project Dadabots. Dadabots uses “a modified SampleRNN architecture to generate music in modern genres such as black metal and math rock.” How this works exactly, and what applications they think it might have for human musicians are just as fascinating and strange as the actual music their AI produces.

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Dadabots website

Dadabots Bandcamp

24/7 Tech Death Livestream

Carter Moon
Carter Moon grew up raised on Star Wars and Toy Story: there was almost no way to avoid falling headfirst into a love for the art of filmmaking and screenwriting. Born to parents who insisted on well-reasoned dinner conversations, Carter was writing arguments defending his opinions from an early age. His critical affection for pop culture drives his writing and podcasts every week.

Music Roundup 5/14/19

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